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Much faster to build than a site-built structure, easy to connect to other modules or to the existing building, and with a very short installation time, modular buildings are the most efficient solution for meeting space requirements.


Modular construction is a cost-effective solution, with lower labor costs, shorter production schedules and efficient manufacturing processes.


The modular building adapts to the environment in which it is installed, making it possible to obtain space in environments where it would otherwise be impossible to integrate a construction. It allows space to be added or reduced according to current and punctual needs, without disrupting operations.


At AMB, customization is not only allowed, it’s encouraged. When your project calls for a customized solution, we work together to develop the ideal product for you, from building configuration to exterior cladding.


Modules are built under controlled conditions, where materials are unaffected by the elements. Verification of module condition is a priority to ensure product conformity. The quality of our prefabricated buildings is unquestionably superior and a source of pride.


The AMB Modular team has diversified and specialized expertise in modular construction. With over twenty years’ experience, we’ve had the chance to see the industry evolve, and are always on the lookout for new innovations.


We’re proud to have an inventory of modular buildings, ready for installation, enabling us to act extremely quickly to meet urgent needs.


We offer a personalized service based on a clear understanding of your objectives and open communication.


AMB Modular is a family-run business offering quality modular solutions tailored to your budget and space needs, whether temporary or permanent. We supply spaces such as modular classrooms, offices, first-aid units and other institutional spaces, as well as housing for temporary workers or students.

Our flexibility, speed and unrivalled service make us the best allies in your projects, and have enabled us to become the leader in the school modular industry.


  • Bishop’s University
  • Hôpital Ste-Justine
  • Commission Scolaire de Montréal
  • Hôpital Sacré Cœur
  • English Montreal School Board
  • Hôpital Honoré Mercier
  • Commission Scolaire les Affluents
  • Commission Scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys
  • Ville de Montréal
  • Commission Scolaire Haute Rivière
  • Centre Jeunesse de Montréal 
  • Commission Scolaire des Laurentides
  • École Vanguard
  • Commission Scolaire Rivière de Nord
  • Bombardier
  • Commission Scolaire des Trois Lacs
  • Grand Prix du Canada
  • Lester B. Person School Board
  • Jardin Botanique
  • Commission Scolaire Marie Victorin
  • Hydro-Québec
  • Commission Scolaire de Laval
  • Hydroserre Mirabel
  • Commission Scolaire des Rives du Saguenay
  • Les Serres J.M. Lacroix
  • Cégep de St-Jérôme
  • Cégep St-Jérôme à Mont-Tremblant
  • Cégep Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
  • Cégep Lionel Groulx
  • Cégep de Sherbrooke
  • Cégep Ahuntsic
  • Cégep Montmorency
  • Collège de Maisonneuve
  • Société des Établissements de Plein Air du Québec (SÉPAQ)
  • Commission Scolaire des Portages de l’Outaouais
  • Commission Scolaire des Grandes Seigneuries
  • Commission Scolaire du Chemin-du-Roy
  • Commission Scolaire des Phares
  • North Star Academy
  • Commission Scolaire de Ste-Hyacinthe


Giving back to the community is rooted in AMB Modulaire’s values.

Here are just a few of the causes we support:

–  Dis-Moi (

–  Le Centre Philou (

–  Parrainage Civique Montréal (

–  La Fondation Marc Chouinard (

–  La Fondation de l’Hôpital de Saint-Eustache (

Our Products

We supply spaces such as prefabricated classrooms, offices, first-aid units and other institutional spaces, housing for temporary workers or students, and event facilities.

Our Services

We offer a personalized service based on a clear understanding of your objectives and open communication.

Strong, credible partnerships!

We’re proud to work with the best in the industry to design our modular classrooms.